What can social media teach us about snackable, bite-sized communications?

Ah, there you are. Staring into the fridge, wondering why it still looks the same as it did an hour ago. Go on, admit it – in this lockdown, you’ve been snacking more than usual. And not just on food – on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But why?

1. Snackable

Still emailing your 11-point internal newsletter? They were unlikely to get past number three before the lockdown, never mind now. Try a one-minute film, a single link to a podcast, or just send one point each day, not all 11 at once. A good snack is something small enough to satisfy your audience, but tasty enough to keep them going. 

2. Snappy

It’s time to pick up the pace. Let’s be honest. It’s so much more satisfying to consume content quickly. And guess what? It’s more likely to stick if we do, because we’ll remember how much we loved that last bite, we’ll crave that hit of dopamine again and we’ll come back, gobbling for more. So, sharpen your scissors and cut those comms down. Frankly? Get to the point. 

3. Intriguing

We’ve got something you’re going to just LOVE. It’s soooo tasty. Oh, and even better than that, we’ve got some really juicy gossip… Want to read on? Thought so. You gotta’ make your audience click. Use questions and teasers. Tell them two things and make them click for the third. Write quick-witted, quick-fire comms that are begging not just to be nibbled on, but devoured. 

4. Accessible

Ponder this: We find engaging that which we identify with. From GIFs to Twitter polls, we find the laughs, the piques of interest and the engagement in the things that we can access easily. Redesign your comms to make them more visually appealing. Use an on-trend reference that your audience will instantly ‘get’. Think of the last person you followed online. They were accessible to you. Work out why and then replicate that in your comms.

5. Shareable

It’s the ultimate online compliment. The holy grail of comms and content: Some beautiful person decided to share your stuff. Or better still, leave a positive comment. Social media is not one-way, it’s all about engagement and conversation, and so too should your comms be. We all know about ‘Show. Don’t tell’ in communications, but how about ‘Don’t tell. Ask’? Make your comms into irresistibly moreish, snackable, bite-sized pieces