Even if we showed you all our work, it would barely scratch the surface of what it’s like to be part of the Brands at Work Herd. We’ve tried to paint that picture here.

Of course, the best way to get to know us is to get in touch – we’re always open to new talent. And we love to hear from different brands with communications challenges to solve. So don’t be shy.

“To do great work with great people and challenge the status quo”

Be like George

Meet George, our mascot (yep, that’s right, we have a mascot). The special thing about Zebras is that their stripe patterns are all as unique as a human fingerprint.

George represents us all at Brands at Work. And we think that individuality and boldness is something worth celebrating.

We each hail from different walks of life and backgrounds, with varied skillsets and personalities too. But we come together as a Herd, united by our challenger mindset.

Be like George



There’s no use sugar coating it: we know that the work we do – particularly real-life events, activations, and exhibitions – have both positive and negative impacts on the environment and on society. Understanding and managing these impacts is a priority for us.

For many years now, we’ve implemented a sustainability process that aligns completely to ISO 20212. It’s an Environmental Management System that operates as a live working document to proactively identify and analyse areas of concern across the lifecycle of a project.

As part of its process, we utilise both internal expertise and outside consultancy to implement, track and continually report on solutions and their outcomes. And it has helped to generate some wonderfully effective and at times even creative solutions to measurably reduce negative impacts, while maintaining the value and positive impact of our work.



Values are tricky. If they’re not behaved, they’re just words. So we use ours as the guardrails for everything – in the talent we hire, the way we communicate, and the work we do.

Intelligent Imagination…
is about asking the right questions and pinning our ideas on sound logic. We use this understanding to build our creative approach.

is about pushing ourselves and our clients. We don’t do things for the sake of it. We’re a challenger agency in the true spirit of the phrase.

​is about being trusted collaborators and creative partners – across our internal teams and with our beloved clients – through thick and thin. ​

is about saying what we mean and doing what we say. We are who we are, and we’ll never shy away from that.

You don’t have to be the most senior. You don’t need the biggest voice. Your job title doesn’t count you out. Great ideas come from all of us, across the agency, all the time. That’s the Herd philosophy.

Some of the
finer points

Some of the
finer points

Flexible working
We’re collaborators at heart but value flexibility. We like our people to be together at work when it makes sense. But if you need to focus at home or deal with family commitments, no problem.

Health & Wellbeing
From monthly ‘people’ meetings to track individuals’ needs, above statutory holiday, to private medical insurance, and adhoc personal check-ins, there’s no single answer, but our initiatives show how seriously we take the health and wellbeing of our Herd.

Social perks
Tightening those Herd bonds is very important to us.  But we don’t force fun – you can get involved as much or as little as you like from a drink (in person or virtual) for our Friday pm ‘Herd it Hear’ all-hands weekly round-up; to local socials, onsite team dinners and department team bonding.  We aim to have something for everyone!

Development & growth
We believe in setting people up for success. Personal development plans are tracked at 6-month intervals, and we use a mixture of internal and external experts to deliver training. And with no red tape, we can and do promote when you are ready.

Diversity, equality & inclusion
Talent and potential are the only two criteria for working with us – and for being recognised when you’re here. We’re always learning about what diversity, inclusivity and equality truly means to both current and future Herd members.

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