Spring has sprung
Can we all just take five?

So, how are you doing with this whole, stay-at-home thing? Fun at first, bearable for a while, but now it kind of sucks, right? We know. We hear you.

You know what though? In the search for something positive, the current situation has forced us all to do one thing: Press pause. We’re off that hamster wheel. And even if you feel you’ve just jumped right onto another one, taking a break has never been more important. So, grab a nice drink, find some peace and quiet (if you can!) and take five minutes to appreciate five of the most human things we have: Our senses.

Taste Alright, we’re missing restaurants too, but perhaps ditching the grab-and-go meal deals and the al-desk-o lunches isn’t such a bad thing. Why not spice things up a bit by taking an online masterclass led by a Michelin-starred chef and create a fine dining experience for your family? Or a cheeky date night once the kids have gone to bed? You never know, you might develop a taste for it!

Sight That old phrase “out of sight, out of mind” couldn’t be further from the truth right now. We’re willing to bet you’ve made more video calls in the last month than you ever have. Every week there seems to be a new way to connect; and to see each other. Let’s not lose sight of that.

Sound With fewer cars and planes around, we’re left with a combined chorus of birdsong and even, dare we say it, moments of silence. This serene soundscape is momentarily disrupted by the communal roar of hope and admiration for key workers, reminding us that we’re all united.

Smell Spring is the best time of the year for scents – from beautiful blossoms and freshly cut grass, to the nostalgia of toasted, buttery hot cross buns. The science says that scent is our strongest sense, so take a moment to breathe it all in. Thanks to the lack of air pollution, the smell of the cleanest spring we’ve had in years is right under your nose.

Touch We can’t deny that social distancing has been a bit weird. Going to the supermarket is like playing the world’s worst game of dodgeball. But, just because we can’t touch, doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch. And it doesn’t mean we can’t feel. So, whether you have grass, concrete or carpet beneath your feet, stand tall, breathe deeply and ground yourself in gratitude for everything you have – and that you’re so glad you’ve got.

Need some more positivity? Remember, when this is all over… We will meet. We will hug. We will dance. We will travel. We will party. We will pub. We will kiss. We will shop. We will join in. We will share. We will picnic. We will conga. We will appreciate. We will return.