Budweiser Brewing Group

When sky-rocketing supply chain prices forced Budweiser to reconsider its Customer Sell-in event at Wembley Stadium, we had the perfect creative solution: an immersive office takeover with 17 branded spaces to drive intimate customer conversations.

The ultimate goal of the Customer Sell-in is to build relationships with customers leading into the new year, showcasing new brand strategies, visual identities and product positioning.

Multi-channel creative comms is our thing – so this time we became interior designers! In Budweiser’s HQ in London, we took over three floors and a rooftop terrace, designing and installing 17 distinct branded spaces.

This was to be a month-long office takeover for over 400 customers to experience. And with several major brands to work with, each space presented its own unique set of practical and design challenges, strong brand guidelines and key messaging to convey.

The task of transforming an office into immersive and vibrant brand spaces, while ensuring practicality as a live working environment and meeting space throughout was a complicated challenge we met with excellent planning and careful consideration.

Each space was unique, bringing the brands to life with multisensory elements, thoughtful design and attention to detail; from lighting states, soundscapes, props and locally sources materials.

Customers were able to step into each of the brand’s worlds, one by one, and hold intimate business conversations while being immersed in the campaign strategies.

This was widely reported to be the best Customer Sell-in experience ever done – so good in fact that Budweiser have decided to repeat the experience in future years rather than return to Wembley, potentially rolling it out across Europe as well.