Budweiser Brewing Group

We produced Budweiser Brewing Group’s in-person Customer Sell-in event,  bringing to life the season’s strategies for their portfolio of brands.

BBG wanted to partner with an agency who could curate something reflective of the imaginative and dynamic spirit of the Group, immersing their customers in their brands. So that’s exactly what we did, unleashing our imaginations, theatrical and digital skills in the along the way.

We took over the Great Hall at Wembley Stadium and installed a multi-area experience that tapped into the power of self-discovery. With classic experiential storytelling, we designed separate walk-in experiences for each of the Group’s brands.

We gave them their own platform to shine with their nuanced visual languages, consumer facing messaging and brand characters. Here, customers could network with senior directors and unpick their own customer challenges, all the while engaging directly with the product.

Under the banner of ‘Growing together with Budweiser’, our multi-zoned experiential concept resolved in a central show space, where spotlight summary sessions allowed the brand Directors to offer a deeper dive into their strategic directions.

It meant the audience had the best of both worlds: the overarching visions and strategies in the main room, and the carefully curated, hyper-relevant detail to be discovered in each of the brand zones.

It was an impactful and memorable experience with the Brands at Work flourish. But as the following year’s Customer Sell-in would prove, we had even more experience surprises up our sleeves.