IAG Cargo

We helped launched IAG Cargo’s New Premia Facility, with all its state-of-the-art features brought to life in a discoverable experience we called the Premia WonderLab.

We partnered with IAG Cargo for the launch of their cutting-edge Premia facility. This facility has been long in the making, packed with incredible features to store and move large, complex, and often sensitive cargo.

We challenged the client to avoid a traditional ‘themed customer reception’ approach, instead using clever storytelling to translate complex technical information into simple experiences that immersed guests in all the centre has to offer.

We called it the Premia WonderLab, firstly engaging the senses with an immersive catering experience centred around the theme of temperature control – a key component within the new facility.

Scientific masterpieces were on every plate – from conical flasks filled with chilled cocktails, to pipettes filled with hot sauces. Food was even served on petri dishes, complete with lab equipment-inspired serving utensils.

Guests were taken on a journey through the laboratory of taste, where precise measurements and attention to detail fused together for a dining experience like no other.

Then to the experiential storytelling. We created interactive plinths to highlight key features, including an ice sculpture that held temperature sensitive vaccine vials to illustrate the precision management and storage of critical medicines.

We constructed a levitating ball display on nothing but air, spotlighting their impressive air curtain control technology that facilitates end-to-end climate control.

And we teamed this with an interactive memory guessing game, which engaged guests into the world of IAG Cargo, highlighting the vastly different – and often surprising – types of products IAG ship.

Ultimately, this was a wonderful example of simple storytelling to sell a complex suite of services – all conceived, created and delivered on a minimal budget.