We used artistic storytelling, performance and artist-led workshops to immerse 250 neurology field reps in a profoundly affecting patient experience.

We brought 250 Neurology Field Force representatives together for disease state education event designed to give them a deep understanding of the patient experience, and a desire to drive change.

Insight told us that the disease we were focusing on was so severe, it gave patients a palpable ‘loss of hope’. That was the emotive hook we used to infuse our audience with a sense of purpose.

We began leftfield, dispensing with the traditional general session opening and instead engaging the audience with an unforgettable Gallery of Hope. This art installation took familiar everyday patient struggles and transformed them into arresting visual art.

Exhibits highlighted the difficulties of holding a fork (a fork connected in its middle by a chain) or not being able to put one foot before another (a pair of bright running sneakers padlocked).

This exhibit linked to moving patient quotes to reinforce their limitations. And we even constructed a Humans of Hope gallery – all the associates shown together to shine a light on the team who can bring hope back to these patients.

To introduce the stage set, we transformed it from a dull monochrome to intense colour in real time through a combined sequence of video and live performance. The onscreen thoughts, fears and anxieties of patients were washed with colour as a team with paint buckets, brushes and drumsticks entered the fold. The award-winning CMYK dance troupe provided the backdrop as we created a vibrant piece of art in real-time.

As this critical content played out, we focused on dialling up the confidence and focus of the attendees, using creative activations such as graffiti artist-led workshops to build conviction and focus across the cohort.

Disease state education is a complex challenge. It’s our role to make the often scientifically and emotionally indescribable easy to digest and understand. And more so, to motivate and push audiences towards a common purpose. The Art of Hope is another example of compelling and powerful storytelling in the live space.